About Us

We are a small coffee roasting company based in Southern California. Here’s a little bit about why we roast. 


Rendezvous is a French word synonymous with words such as meet, come together, and gather. My husband and I have traveled to several places all over the world, and we found that one of the things that was true in every place is that at the heart of most meetings, get togethers, dinners, etc., there is always coffee. During my first trip to India, backpacking into the jungles in the south, we found ourselves days into our hike high in the mountains, and yet our guides managed to find a place to rest, start a fire and prepare everyone a cup of coffee. Although we didn't speak the same language, we all found common ground as we sipped our coffee, laughed together, and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings. It’s these types of experiences that have contributed to my love of coffee. So of course, why not start a coffee roasting company?


Coffee beans are unique. The variations of flavors found in coffee grown all over the world is seemingly endless. It is our goal in roasting to bring out those particular notes to deliver quality great tasting coffee into your home. It’s always exciting for us to experiment with new coffees we haven’t tried before. 


We believe strongly that coffee is a catalyst for conversation, for relationships, and for enjoying one another’s company. It’s these simple moments I enjoy: having coffee with my husband in the morning as little feet run around us; meeting up with a friend over a cup of coffee to catch up; going to life’s various parties, get togethers, and events where I can laugh with friends or meet new people, all while enjoying a cup of coffee. 

We hope that our coffee can enrich your life in these kinds of moments as well. 

Meet. Drink. Enjoy.