Special Edition Coffees

We absolutely love that we can bring new coffees to you throughout the year from all over the world and full of different flavors. But the reality of some of these coffees is we may only get them once! This is true for two of our most popular coffees: Colombia Comunidad Jericho and Peru Chanchamayo Pichanaki.

This particular Colombia has actually spurred my personal new love of Colombian coffees. It’s dark chocolate aroma and taste of brown sugar and cinnamon are almost irresistible. You can learn more about this coffee here.


The Peru we chose comes from the province of Chanchamayo in Peru. We roast this coffee to a medium/dark roast to bring out the brown sugar and nutty flavors. 

Peru 1.JPG

We’ve really grown attached to these coffees and it’s hard to say goodbye! But luckily we’ve got some more good ones coming your way!

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