Coffee Highlight: Guatemala Cobán Saramilchó

We always love a good Guatemalan coffee. It’s in my opinion one of the most dependable coffees to give you a smooth, full bodied experience every time. This particular Guatemalan coffee has notes of chocolate, caramel, citrus, and lavender.

What’s also important to us is sustainability for the farmers. All of the coffee we have are sourced through direct trade which ensures the farmer is receiving more than fair compensation for their quality product.

“Born and raised in Cobán, Mr. Arturo Gelpke spent his early adult life in Guatemala City. His dream was to return back to his hometown in Cobán to farm, but circumstances would not allow

this until after the birth of his second son, Walter. Shortly after, Don Arturo met a landowner who was looking to sell his property in Cobán. Seeing this as the golden opportunity to fulfill his

dream and move back to his childhood town, Mr. Gelpke purchased the land and began planting coffee, and teaching his three sons about farming and agriculture. Every Friday after school, Don Arturo would go to the farm with his sons and teach them how to work the land. This upbringing led Walter to pursue an education in agriculture. Now after Mr. Gelpke’s death, his two oldest sons visit the farm and are taking care of their father’s legacy.” (source: Hacea Coffee Source).



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